Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Working women and children

From the very beginning of existence of humankind, women was given the role of taking care of house work and children by society in almost every culture. Meanwhile, men was obligated to provide food and major needs of the family. This trend has changed since 1980s and now a majority of women are working for several reasons such as the need of socialising and sharing the burden of husband. However, it was then claimed that the children were badly affected and having lots of problems such as behavial disorder without the care of mother. Just as I support the idea of women working, I also admit that in some cases this situation affects children in a bad way.

First, there is an undeniable necessary need of having a role in social life for women. They have the need of being more independent and self-confident. Working is an option to satisfy this need and become social individuals. Due to the fact that there will be no parent to take care of children during work hours, someone is hired to take on this duty. In spite of this, they leave the children to their grandparents to take care of. Both situations can be considered a temporary solution.

On the other hand, it is admittedly a big amount of time that any parents will not be able to spend with their children during work hours.It can not be guaranteed that children who are taken care of by their own mothers will not experience any problems in life, but there is no doubt that the children will not have the lack of mother care and their personalities will not be shaped without parents' protection and care.

In conclusion, it is possible to find temporary solutins to take care of children while mother is working, but i believe that any other solutins can not replace mothers role for children.
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